Aug 28, 2010

Chilmark Chocolates (more martha's vineyard wonderfulness)

remember those old-fashioned chocolatiers, the ones who lovingly made each piece by hand and the chocolates were always super fresh, like they were just made? this rare expertise still exists in chilmark. every single time i drove by this tiny up island shop, there was a line out the door. a line that took 15 minutes just to get inside the chocolate shop. there is a pleasant wooden porch for this purpose, so the wait isn't so bad. and everyone is real friendly in line, like all of you are so smart to even be waiting in this particular line, that it is kind of like a secret smart chocolate persons club. and importantly, you are all going to walk out with a great box of chocolates sooner or later. it is a happy line.

once, inside you are handled smartly and efficiently by friendly custom chocolate box consultants who steer you along until you've got your box just the way you like it. they are very patient with you if you hem and haw a bit your first time. they don't mind. they understand. and speak in soothing tones so you feel you've made the right decisions. the price seems like a steal. the taste is incredible, like you just made chocolates in your own kitchen an hour ago just the way you like them.


  1. I want to be a member of that smart chocolate persons club! I wouldn't mind waiting for 15 minutes for these delicious looking(and tasting) chocolates. Thanks for the sweet post.

  2. thanks, kellie! it is definitely a club i want a lifetime membership to!