Nov 7, 2013

natural states, painting exhibition

well the day has arrived, or nearly. friday night i am having the opening reception for a show of my paintings @ crome architeture in marin county california. i've been working on this for a while now and it was not so easy shipping all the work across the country, but i am thrilled with the space and how it all came together so easily despite the distance. wish me luck tomorrow and check out the show if you find yourself in the bay area. natural states will be up november 7 2013 through january 7 2014. will post some photos from the opening next week. here's a link to my painting site and an announcement about the show from crome architecture i'm serving an assortment of crackers and small grapes on toothpicks that look like little grape kabobs, chocolate covered raisins, california pistachios, plus wine and sparkling water as refreshment, but that is the closest i've made it to cooking all week, takeout food is a great timesaver when you are working late every night.