Aug 31, 2010

my brain is still on martha's vineyard

in the cozy hamlet/charming fishing village of menemsha in particular. it is beautiful, quiet, and still at sunset, and makes you feel almost like you are in a remote outpost in norway somehwere.

and then around a corner, there is soft serve. really great soft serve. at the menemsha galley. so much quaintness and beauty and all your food needs met so perfectly. that is martha's vineyard.

it is time to come back home though. my son started school this week and my daughter started field hockey 2-a-days. much focus is required to fill out and hand in all the right forms, so many forms. get the equipment and supplies in the right bags. water bottles. lunch. check. check. and check.

it wasn't easy to keep my vineyard feeling going so long. i've tried with some small success to imitate the wonderful meals we enjoyed. i've created a few new recipes inspired by the trip, as i tend to do. i really do travel for food. food and inspiration. recipes coming soon. xo, g


  1. My brain is always on MV :) Beautiful pictures of Menemsha...and the soft serve has me drooling at the screen.

  2. Oh now MY brain's got the M.V. fever. Gorgeous images that make me want to go back.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. I want the ice cream!

  4. great article here, thx for sharing"

  5. hi joan, thanks and i am so very glad to hear of someone else with a similar brain affliction.

    corine, thanks. if you move to new york in your retirement it will be so easy to get to mv.

    el, thanks. i want to eat that ice cream all over again.

  6. Nice place, A house beside the sea is one of my dreams, anyway the photos are absolutely fantastic, Thanks for sharing.