May 24, 2012

completely tumbled

it's been a while. to be honest, i've been completely tumbled. hooked on tumblr that is. been having loads of fun looking at art and artists from all over the world. sharing images. very inspiring. and sending me in this direction is the simple fact i've sort of lost interest in food since i became newly allergic to dairy products last winter. without cheese, milk, butter, cream, i've found i'd rather not think about food too much. the adjustment to diet and menu has me flummoxed most days. 

i have had some great successes. for example, it turns out that oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made with palm oil are just as, if not more, delicious than ones made with butter. really. recipe coming soon. the texture, all light and crispy, is phenomenal. and presumably better for you health-wise. vegan lasagna and vegan ravioli were not winners on any scale. on the plus side soy milk makes a great substitute for yogurt in a smoothie. but otherwise cheese-less pizza is okay. tacos and burritos are fine. japanese, thai, chinese and vietnamese foods never had dairy in the first place. plenty of diary free chocolate out there in all shapes and sizes. so all the news is not too bad.

it's all about changing habits. until i can adjust completely i am taking things slow in the kitchen. of course i'm still living with 3 cheese heads, people who can still eat dairy, so i'm the anomaly, which adds to the alien terrain. all i can say is i'm working on it.

in the meantime, there is always tumblr. check it out.