Feb 5, 2012

baby kale

lately, a new green has entered my life. just in time too. baby kale. it is even more delicious than regular kale and is great in salads (tender and sweet), stir fries (cooks fast and yet remains intact), and soups (great flavor). it is my new favorite. i especially like it with stir fried with shrimp or chicken or tofu. I also love it as a side dish sautéed with leeks, and sautéed with scallions and tomatoes for an omelet.

Feb 4, 2012

i heart color

happy february.

tell me, how's february treating you? not too bad? we are surviving though, well, it's awfully dreary outside. it seems enormous and intractable, this grayness. but actually, it is easily remedied.

solution: color and art. i love to look at art this time of year, okay, well, make that anytime of year, but especially this time of year. i bought a new wide screen mac desktop and illustrator last week and have been having fun re-learning how to use ai. good fun. one should always have art and projects in a new england winter. so i made the heart above just this morning and am rather liking it as my new screensaver. i may make a few more for bookmarks or cards for friends & family.

if you want to add some color or art to your february, i recommend you check out these art sites:

color and light. inspiration. levity and gravity. all worthwhile. you can lose yourself for hours immersed in beautiful art and then spring will be here before you know it. at least that's my plan, and i'm sticking to it.