Apr 20, 2011

bees are back

it seemed like spring would never arrive, but the blooms and bees are back. and that, my friends, can only mean one thing: a fantastic produce explosion coming soon to farmer's markets and grocery stores. so very much to look forward to.

Apr 8, 2011


as you can see i've gone all stripey in the studio lately. it's been an awful lot of fun. playing with shapes and sizes. enjoying the simplicity. happy happy weekend everyone! xo, g

Apr 6, 2011

risotto cakes

delicious risotto cakes. so creamy inside, so delightfully, so delicately, crispy on the outside.

these take about 12 minutes to prepare, provided you have leftover risotto chilling in your fridge, which i frequently do. served with a nice side salad, there is no more perfect spring lunch.

risotto cakes
leftover risotto (zucchini leek risotto is pictured but any risotto will do nicely)
1/4 cup whole wheat or all purpose flour
1/4 cup olive oil
completely optional: tiny mozzarella balls or cubes

form or otherwise scoop your leftover risotto into little patties 2 or 3 inches across. if you are feeling extra indulgent push a small ball of mozzarella or other italian melty cheese into each patty, and then close up the patty. dredge each patty in a small dish of flour. allow to rest a minute to absorb the flour while you heat your cast iron or other non-stick pan to medium to medium high heat. once pan is hot, add in 1/4 cup olive oil. shake off any excess flour as you place patties in the hot pan and let them sizzle for about 8 to 10 minutes. flipping once halfway through. drain on a paper towel. serve immediately.