Sep 21, 2011

fresh local apples from the farmers market

i am overrun with gorgeous local apples. must be a bumper crop as they are cheap and plentiful this year at the farmer's market. what should i make? maybe apple yogurt cake? or pancakes with sauteed apples and cider syrup? trusty oaty apple crisp? rustic apple tart? decisions, decisions.

Sep 7, 2011

next up, paris

i have been away a little longer than i intended. but then, you know how it is. and the way little things add up, or big things, singly, swallow us up, from time to time.

here's what i've been doing: so we went to the beach, the family and i. that was great. martha's vineyard. more great. weather was beautiful. we beached, boogie boarded, ate lobster and admired the amazing vineyard light. did it all over again the next day and every day for nearly a week. as we were waiting in line for the car ferry home, we had an earthquake, which, some of us being californians, noticed right away and thought "wow, they are following us, these earth tremblors." then, we pretty much went straight to tornado watches and hurricanes when we got back.

coastal connecticut was hit pretty hard, the largest power outage in connecticut light and power's history of power outages (which is a LOT let me tell you). we baked cookies and oat bars, and ate all our frozen foods in preparation, as we generally lose power for a few days in any big storm. we brought in all our outdoor furniture, nailed our roof to the house frame, things like that. we were lucky and had no serious damage. a few trees fell, but not on us or the house! school was delayed a week and the town was flooded. grocery stores lost power and had to throw out all their refrigerator sections, things like that. a lot of inconvenience but not nearly the proportion of trauma faced in other places.

eventually things returned to normal. school and preseason sports finally started and here i am on september 7, the first day with both kids in school. it has been a compressed few weeks. i am kind of surprised to wake up and find myself here on september 7, 2011, it all happened that fast. anyway, i'm back!

i have many many pictures in storage, travels and recipes, waiting, to show you. next up paris. paris was great. nothing like paris. we will have a stroll next time. happy september! xo, g