Oct 23, 2013

living in a barn

what have i been up to? well a lot really. we sold the house and dispersed. my daughter has gone off to college, in the UK no less, and my son has gone off to school in massachusetts, we sold the big house and i have moved into a beautifully renovated barn, lovingly relocated from new hampshire. i am really excited about living in a barn, and the best part is the renovation was done prior to my arrival, and not by me this time, no construction this time. my gorgeous little gem of a kitchen is tiny but highly functional and i am cooking for a much smaller crowd. 

it's been an adjustment, but i am rolling with it. my big brother was out for a visit from nyc yesterdayand took this photo while i roasted some acorn squash for lunch. 

i have also been busy painting and creating a new website for my artwork. please check it out here if you get the chance. i am having a solo show in a couple of weeks out in marin county, california and have lots to do to get ready. 

as always, i am still cooking and eating lots of great regular dishes and i am cooking a lot of roast vegetables. i have several posts shot and will be writing them up and posting soon. in the meantime enjoy the fall and of course apple season, one of the very best times of the year. crunch crunch yum. i'm enjoying 3 or 4 apples a day myself, mostly jonathans and macouns. mmm.