Jan 12, 2010

coloring my world

this arrived by post yesterday. more wild, saturated color. i ordered this striped lucite bracelet as well as the tea towel and apron for myself last thursday at the tate modern museum gift shop. it arrived monday. how great is that? this modern world with its super fast cross atlantic mail service still astounds me. i didn't choose express service either. normal. i also ordered some birthday gifts for my oldest whose middle name is tate and who, unbelievably, is turning 15 this week. (how that adorable baby turned into this giant person i cannot fathom. let me assure you i am far too youthful to have a 15-year-old child, or am i? what year is it?). oh yes 2010. hrumph. but anyway. color. wild. riotous color. warms me. energizes me. (secretly keeps me young.)

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