Jan 11, 2010

color on my mind

in january, i always start to crave color. wild, uninhibited, gorgeous, saturated color.

this french bag i picked up in tokyo that was made in china, is just what i want to look it. it is so brilliant, the hand-painted design, the adorable nature, bird, insect scenes, the two different plaid patterns on the inside, the great little coin purse that snaps in. it seems to go with everything, although you would naturally think just the opposite.

it is from a great kid focused design shop in france. la marelle editions. this bag was designed by the fabulous nathalie l'ete. check out the online store here. polypropylene. so simple, such a great shape.


  1. Great minds think alike! I love and adore this bag. Yes I also own it. I don't use it though. It just sits in the corner of my living room looking: wild, uninhibited, gorgeous, saturated and colorful! Enjoy!!!!!!!

  2. wow. you are the second person i have met who owns this bag, other than myself, of course. mine usually sits atop my dresser, making my whole bedroom more fabulous. my friend bought hers in paris and mine is from tokyo. i wonder where yours is from? maybe it would be fun to meet everyone who owns this bag.

  3. Hi again Gretchen - I got mine here in L.A. just around the corner from where I live at a store called Zanzabelle that was a victim of the 2009 recession. You do know about Nathalie's webshop don't you? Haven't been there lately but imagine it's still there as she is only getting bigger as a name. I think it's wonderful that she is getting so much recognition. OK so where do you two want to meet up!? Anyone else out there with this bag?

  4. I too crave color this time of year and dive into making Valentines to get a hit of it.

  5. great idea fenny! i love to make valentines too, with all different colors.