Jun 12, 2009

vintage slate recycled reused blackboard

just in time. my vintage school blackboard slate arrived this morning. inhabited a schoolhouse over 100 years ago, where hard lessons were learned i'm sure. i love chalkboards, especially vintage slate ones. it is quite a presence in our family room. in our last house we had magnetic chalkboard front panels on the subzero, we could write and draw and doodle as much as we pleased. we've been missing it in our lives. i know you can just paint your wall with chalkboard paint, and this was a bit of a splurge and those scary delivery guys nearly killed my rug and wood floor this morning with their drill as they uncrated the thing, and dang it's heavy, but i go through it all for true love, me and my chalkboard. (apologies to cy twombly). happy weekend everybody in the whole world.


  1. Cool. I love that it's old. We have a blackboard too - liberated from a pub one evening in the 80s I believe. I should hang it properly.

  2. great idea to have it rest on the floor. seems like it would be enjoyed by all in the house. love the name of your site.