Jun 15, 2009

japanese green tea, new harvest

i am a tea fanatic. i love to drink tea. shop for tea. learn about tea. read about tea. visit places where tea is served. study the history of tea,  the economics and politics of tea. the whole 360 degree view of tea. healthful, warm, comforting, energizing, relaxing, tea.

ito en is my favorite tea purveyor in new york. they have a little shop on the upper east side. their specialty is japanese green tea, but they import the finest teas from all over the world. really the most amazing black teas as well. you can read about their first flush spring tea here. but anyway, when ito en sent me an email promoting their new spring green teas from japan, first, flush, hand-rolled, i was highly susceptible to their message. it has been a tough spring in so many ways. and unable to decide which of the two varieties to purchase and have shipped, naturally i bought both. it was not a mistake. they are incredible. so bright, so fresh, so delicious. each cup tastes very special, almost, but of course not quite exactly, like a tea ceremony in my house.  the package design is pretty gorgeous as well. these will make great tea canisters or pencil cups, etc.  long after the spring tea is gone.


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  2. This looks lovely. I've added this shop to my list of places to visit on my next trip to New York. Hopefully, this summer. Loving your blog.