Jun 12, 2009

Food, Inc., the movie

Food, Inc. Movie - Hungry For Change?
out this weekend (showing at film forum in nyc). Food Inc. hopes to do for america's food attitudes what al gore did for the environment and climate change with An Inconvenient Truth. it will be interesting to see what happens next as the dialog continues. the film is controversial and even a bit scary, apparently. read the new york times review here. i think its great that more folks are thoughtfully considering what to eat and how they spend their food dollars, and how to provide food for our masses sustainably now and long into the future. the more people learning about food, joining the discussion, the better. 


  1. can't wait to see this and couldn't agree more about the need for conversation around food!!!

  2. My son was really affected by Supersize Me so maybe he'd get something out of this too.