Dec 11, 2008

tokyo: french food underground

when r and i first visited Tokyo back in 1992, we were thrilled to find creme puffs on (nearly) every corner. it was the very first reason i fell madly, passionately, in love with japan. on subsequent trips, we were happy to find that the treat shopping had only gotten better. this time, creme puffs, eclairs, petit chou, even japanese apricot liqueur, creme brulee and french butter cookies, underground. Tokyo metro Ginza line. and i can tell you, with some authority, all of the highest quality. (we sampled more than a few). with underground food this good, you should not be at all surprised michelin awarded so very many stars in tokyo. it is an epic food town.


  1. Hi, your blog makes me a little bit nostalgic...! ;-)
    I'm from Tokyo and now live in the US.
    I really like your blog, can I add it to my blog list?

  2. hi alice. thanks for your kind comments. i would be honored to have my blog on your list. i only lived in tokyo for 3 months and visited a few times, but i've been longing for it ever since. tokyo=love