Dec 10, 2008

ice cream flavors

plastic display food can be really beautiful in japan. and often the food for sale is as delicious as the display suggests. this ice cream was no exception. such intriguing flavors. if you click on this photo you should be able to read the labels in english. black sesame sounds really good, and i really wanted to try unpolished rice, and i always love green tea, but check out the last one. hmmm. r says they clearly meant rum raisin. unable to imagine meat ice cream, even with raisin, i think he may be right. anyway, this was from a shop in the very crowded, some might say claustrophobic, asakusa section of tokyo. the traditional section of town, a lovely pagoda and beautiful temples are there. and it is also a great place for handmade bean cakes, mochi, rice crackers, and traditional items like dolls and iron chimes, handmade wooden combs, etc. we loved the ice cream, very delicious. just the sort of energy boost needed to power you through the crowd and incense-perfumed air outside the sensoji temple. if you really love plastic food, there is a street near here that has shops and shops selling the rather expensive plastic food for restaurant supply. it can be quite expensive.

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