Dec 15, 2008

tofu cuisine

my apologies. i realize this first food photo is quite blurry. i'm not sure but i think it was that i could not contain my excitement when the food began to arrive. you see the course contained yuba, a soy milk delicacy that i adore and crave. it is a special food of kyoto and i am only able to find it every 5 years or so. anyway. this was lunch at an amazing tofu restaurant in ginza. japanese cuisine is so inventive. most of the incredibly varied and delicious dishes are predominantly bean curd.

the restaurant is umenohana and goes down as one of my favorite meals. as you can see it was a lot of food, and though we were full, we felt fabulous when the meal was done, energized even. amazing in every way. indescribably delicious. beautiful private rooms dotted along an indoor river bed made of stone with gorgeous bridges and lanterns inside the restaurant. someday i hope to return.

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