Dec 9, 2008

Tsukiji Fish Market

as you approach the market rather early in the morning, it is still quite dark. it is around 5:45 am. you are a bit jet-lagged and wobbly-legged. but WAKEUP because you are in for a bit of a wild ride.

it is dark, cold. there are vegetables. pickles. japanese rolled omelets, all manner of shellfish and mollusks for sale. WATCHOUT for the fast moving carts that seem to want to crush your legs...

gruff men with boots. frowns at tourists, shoulder to shoulder in the small tuna auction viewing area. cameras snapping away. men with long stick hooks to move the fish. even deeply frozen, tail-less, the large tuna manage to flop and get away as they are being moved and stacked by the men. hence the hooks. it is the genius of the tuna's extremely well-adapted shape. r and i got back to our hotel by 7 am, too sympathetic with the lovely fishes to have the traditional sushi breakfast. a nice breakfast of yogurt and exotic fruits with some nice hot green tea. more of an antidote really. i used to love sushi, until this visit to Tsukiji. not so much right now. ask me in a month.

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