Aug 24, 2010

i still can't stop thinking about it

we had such a great week on martha's vineyard, it really was one of those magical vacations. the weather was charming, the food was amazing, the beaches, the waves, the inn, all fabulous. and the seafood shacks? great. we went back to faith's seafood shack in aquinnah 3 or maybe even 4 times (that good!), her clam chowder was the best, and so were her fish tacos. edgartown seafood was great too. amazingly sweet and fresh steamed lobster which they kindly crack for you if you ask, and truly excellent fried clams. every single shack had the best something. there is no dressing up and no formal dining required to get a great dinner on mv. though there are plenty of nice restaurants too. the casualness and beauty and great food really make it my kinda place.

it was fresh and familiar, as we'd vactioned there about 10 years ago and i spent one whole summer on the island during college. all in all, it is a pretty easy island to get to know if you go with the flow and take your time. great movie theaters, bookstores, surf shops, bakeries, general stores, farmer's markets. oh i could go on and on. i'll share some more vineyard photos tomorrow as i am suddenly so very sleepy and headed off to bed just now. night all. xo, g

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  1. Please go on and on... there's never too much talk, or pictures of the Vineyard in my estimation. :)