Jun 7, 2010

where much-hoped-for lovely weather arrives

the wicked wacky weather of the weekend (vile humidity, tornado watches, flash floods, hail, violent thunderstorms) has brought in incredible, cool, refreshing, sunny skies with pleasing sea breezes. this is the kind of weather that i am always always always hoping for.

going to celebrate today by heading to the beach with daughter. it is a tiny beach on long island sound, just down the road from here. the town puts out some lovely adirondack chairs and just enough sand for 70 people to stretch out on. we will laze around and read and look at the water and shells and little crabs and the boats.

meanwhile, the rain and heat of last week have inoculated the garden with unimaginable vibrancy and it is now lush and incredibly green. alliums and shrubberies blooming all around. even the hydrangeas are beginning. i love the blossom color, green and cream with blue tips. i could stare at those broad saw-toothed leaves for an hour. hydrangeas really are one of my favorite flowers, i used them in my wedding bouquet way back when, and somehow i wind up planting a few at every house we live in, east coast or west. lovely hydrangeas, so sturdy and captivating, and not at all shy, with their complicated blossoms and fantastical foliage.

this week is looking very good. happy monday. xo, g

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