Jun 8, 2010

weather continues charming

the weather windfall bonus continues. pictured are a few more shrubbery blooms from the yard. completely lovely.

work is keeping me busy today, but tomorrow will be mostly play. heading to meet a friend, one i've known for 30 years, in the city for lunch and a walkabout and maybe even a lilla p. sample sale. we still have so much fun together.

in other news, the beach was merveilleux yesterday, so much so that i am going to try to go back 3 more times this week for at least an hour or so. if i plan, it will have a chance of happening, no? so rare to find the time and have the weather, must celebrate the brief confluence of these disparate elements.

p.s. lilla p. is one of my favorite clothing designers, they've practically reinvented the tee shirt in a sophisticated, flattering, interesting, yet just-as-comfortable-as-ever sort of way. you might think this is not still possible in 2010, but it totally is. see here. remarkable quality. (and i am far too poor to afford things of low quality).

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