Jun 25, 2010

velvet plumcots

right now i am swooning over these velvet plumcots. sometimes they go by pluots. either way they are my favorite of the whole plum/apricot hybrid family. some are more plummy some are more apricotty. these are just perfect. tiny. juicy. tart. sweet, plumcot perfection. they would lend themselves well to breakfast with some yogurt or cottage cheese drizzled with some raw local honey. or maybe grilled and caramelized and served over some ice cream with some crunchy chopped nuts and a drizzle of plum liqueur. or in a salad of mixed greens with goat cheese and slivered almonds and a light refreshing vinaigrette. you really can't go wrong when your ingredients are so sublime.

it was crazy hot this week in new york. but now the weather is just pure, gorgeous, summer. so lovely. happy summer weekend to you wherever you are. i could definitely get used to this. xo, g


  1. hi gretchen! yum! there's nothing like summer fruit! when we lived in nyc we made summer pudding every SINGLE 4th of july. i've been doing my quinoa and yogurt thing for the past couple weeks quite as you describe with apricots and a sprinkling of almonds and sunflower seeds. no plum liqueur for me sadly! just maple syrup.

    sounds like you're having a good one!

  2. Hi Gretchen! My name is Jessica, and I'm about to start a book review blog called Plumcot Books (reviewing mainly "hybrid" fiction--retold fairy tales, fabulist fiction, all that fun and crazy stuff). I discovered your blog while Googling "plumcots" and fell head over heels for your lovely photograph above of velvet plumcots. I was wondering if I might request permission to use the photograph as the masthead image for my blog; I would of course credit you, and link back to your wonderful blog. If not, I totally understand, but if so, I would be so grateful! Thanks very much!
    Jessica, plumcotbooks.com (though there's not much to see there as of yet....!)

  3. hi jessica,

    contact me via email regarding photo usage: gretchenkishneal@yahoo.com. thanks