Jun 30, 2010

big bambu: you can't, you don't, and you won't stop

i had really been wanting to visit big bambu, the current rooftop exhibit at the metropolitan museum by the starn twins. smartly we went on the most perfectly gorgeous day ever in the history of new york city! loved the work on so many levels: sculptural, aesthetic, conceptual, intellectual, metaphorical. you can see a nyt video of the starn twins talking about the work here.

one of the artists is pictured below (through the bamboo), talking with some museum visitors.
from central park the sculpture looks like a rather large bird's nest.
new york city is such a great town for public art, art is everywhere and not just in the museums.

fortunately one cannot enjoy art on an empty stomache, so we stopped at EAT for some picnic essentials and had lunch in the park. on our way out, we stopped at le pain quotidien on madison for some iced coffee and mini palmier cookies. great day out.

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  1. Interesting material to use in construction. Bamboo. I wonder if it is suitable to build a house using such material...