Jun 11, 2010

today i saw

have you seen jill wignall's today i saw series? it is brilliant and simple and clever. see here. for one year jill has been drawing a postcard everyday of something she saw and has then sent it to someone she likes after first photographing the card and posting it on her blog. they are really lovely and charming. at the 1 year mark and conclusion of the project last week, she decided to celebrate by conducting a postcard swap. i signed up for the swap right away. it was fun to do. i've finished the postcard above, and am sending it off to my swap partner (arranged by jill) in melbourne, australia. exciting. love the idea of a group art project series. and frankly, it gives me a few ideas. and i just love ideas.

otherwise, lovely weekend planned here, low-key, awesome, summery fun. cheers and happy weekend! xo g

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