Jun 15, 2010


organic cherries from oregon are crazy delicious this year. juicy, sweet, firm, incredible. so incredible, i want to invent a new word to describe how amazing they taste.

during long winter months, as i try to imagine what summer tasted like, i sometimes day dream of what i will cook with these early stone fruits when summer finally arrives: maybe a classic clafoutis, or dorie greenspan's cherry rhubarb crumble or perhaps even jamie oliver's cherry rhubarb crumble with oats (i do love oats). someday i will try each of these recipes, but when cherry season is upon us, most years, the cherries are frankly too irresistibly sweet and delicious not to eat right now. calling us from the refrigerator as we wander down for breakfast. elevenses? perfect bright, fresh pick-me-up. simple pleasures are the best. and so this year, like most every year, with our deep appreciation for this amazingly dimunitive fruit, we are probably going eat them all before they can possibly be cooked into anything. in fact, right now i am planning to run right back out to the store to get some more, for lunch. cherries!

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  1. in my household they almost never make it into pastry!