Mar 16, 2010

we've got a situation here

we had a bit of weather on saturday. we are still cleaning up. my street still looks rather like this. as most of the streets around here still do. school is out for several days, the roads are mostly still blocked with giant downed trees and the schools themselves don't yet have power. 

though the storm itself was only mildly spectacular, the trees crashed down everywhere because of the loose soil from the recent thaw (apparently).  the wind did sound very much like a freight train that night and the wires you see here in the photo danced and lit up and ultimately summoned the fire department with an extended light show of arc blasts. the extent of the damage was completely unexpected.

now i am very happy to have some lovely power company folks imported from ontario canada working to restore the power/cable/internet/phone on our street right now.  which is good because i really need a hot shower and to run some appliances. more soon.


  1. Saw the weather mess in Darien on the national news. Glad you're all safe and send love to power company Canadians for restoring your technology life support. xo,bv

  2. We had a weather situation here too in Canada. Fences in our alley were ripped apart by wind. Huge amounts of rain too.