Mar 12, 2010

art endures

i was at the new york art fair last weekend, (more specifically, the armory show over on the west side in piers 92 and 94, not to be confused with the art dealers show at the armory on the east side, yes, but i know that is confusing, i think that is the whole point of having all these art fairs the same week all over town). anyway i saw marvelous things. whimsical things, serious things, gorgeous things, frivolous and unimportant things. it was jammed with all sorts of art appreciators as well. it really made me happy to get the chance to see all these fantastic creations from galleries all over the globe in one afternoon. dizzying, overwhelming but marvelous. i was reminded that art is important and art endures. and that i love art. do you? do you love art?

in other news, rainy weekend. all weekend. going to finish reading middlemarch by george eliot by next weekend even if it kills me. and it just might. it is so very very long. but so very very smart. anyway, happy weekend to you. xo, g

update: i am happy to report i did finish middlemarch on schedule. it is an amazing book. possibly the best novel ever written (at least virginia wolfe thought so). everything i ever needed to know about personality, effort, ethics, outcome, the complex web of society, it's all in there. so much so that i am now reading it again, spoiled for everything else. only this time, swishing through it on the ipad, much lighter than the book as the numerous pages are nearly weightless.


  1. never went to these things when i lived in ny (made it to the flower shows tho - i guess we know my real priorities!) but you make it sound really exciting and interesting!

    thanks by the way for adding me to your blogroll - just noticed. (p.s. my mom will be very pleased to know i showed up on a list that also includes ruth reichl!)

    sounds like the spring thaw is well under way - enjoy!

  2. Yes, art! Plaid animals in particular. And Middlemarch will never kill you; you'll be so happy, so fulfilled when you finish... and not just because you've finished it.

  3. scraps of life - where have you been?