Jan 20, 2010


how are you? time is really speeding by for me. is it for you? winter 30% complete. teen birthday done. high school exams/massive studying in progress (shhhh). a couple of sunny days above freezing, hooray.

so i wanted to share with you. do you remember last week? i went in and bought these lovely black and cream striped napkins from this place. to go in this old pewter tray on this table in this dining room of ours. new curtains arriving later this week. (charcoal grey with white cotton lining). i am wild about stripes. now, i am aware that these are not the first colors you think of when you hear something like fabrics of the sun. but when you think about it, uncanny shadows and blinding highlights are what the sun is all about. i am going to buy more fabric to make some throw pillows and cushions, but i can't decide which will look just right. i am not the type of person who has mad sewing skills, that is definitely not me. i suffer through it. but even i can sew a rectangle and stuff it with fluff. i must let these vivid stripes float awhile in my mind while i think i think it all through. hope your january is skating along too. xo, g


  1. Everything looks so inviting right now I hesitate to weigh in on pillows... but why mix up the pallette? (Did I spell that right?) Same colors, or with some red or yellow. That's my thought. Please send me napkins.

  2. These are still a gorgeous choice. Anyway, one has to have excuses for going back to 19th St.!