Oct 2, 2009


today's friday photo and harbinger of autumn: the kabocha squash or japanese pumpkin. bright orange flesh, like a butternut, but with a rich creamy chestnut sort of texture. so delicious so many ways. simmered with a dashi-based sauce. roasted. in soba or udon soup. in japan, you can find them atop pastries and desserts and always with the skin intact, the green is so striking with the orange. don't know how i'll be using this one yet, but i am very much looking forward to it. it is great to have new ingredients to play with for inspiration, marvelous these seasons. have a lovely weekend.


  1. i have just spent time in your lovely blog- enjoyed it very much!

  2. i just had a delicious squash preparation last night: pureed squash with coconute milk, with a few scallions sprinkled on top. also, squash pureed, heated with a little water (or of course any kind of stock) and with grated very fresh ginger towards the end makes a simple delicious soup. then there's always squash tempura.

  3. dear friends, i must say coconut squash and squash soup sound delicious. i usually put leeks in squash soup, have never tried the ginger. and tempura, why yes kabocha tempura is wonderful, tied in first place with taro tempura for me.

    also, thank you so much for your lovely comments about reading and enjoying cup and table. i do love to hear from you.