Oct 1, 2009


i got a great package in the mail a while back. i had ordered it for myself, but this did not in any way dampen my enthusiasm/surprise/delight when it arrived. swedish linen dish towels from manos (one of my favorite places on the www). the towels were so beautiful that i had a eureka moment and immediately ordered more (to actually use as dish towels) because i decided to hang them as window coverings in the kitchen with little clothes pins and butcher's twine as they happen to be exactly the same width as the glass. i find them charming. happily, i get to admire them all the time now. i am in love with linen, sweden and stripes so they suit me well. also they cover the perfect amount of window and they let the perfect amount of light in. oh yes i had big plans for fabulous linen cafe curtains in here, with some ribbon stripes, but as often happens, the window is an irregular size and cafe curtain rods are too short and so a special order would be required. naturally, outrageous additional costs would incur. and so here we are. but seriously, do you think i can get away with these swedish linen dish towels as kitchen curtains? i am not so sure. for now, they are staying.
p.s. talk about extreme frugality, cost = $8/window.