Jul 9, 2009

lately, i've been enjoying my teeny tiny garden

tiny pea pods, curly pea tendrils and baby cherry tomatoes. also a small radish harvest. cilantro and parsley and chives. emergence. it seems so miraculous that these grew from seeds in pots on the deck. i know i know it happens all the time. how could i be so charmed by pea tendrils?  i just am. and there is no denying it. so sweet. 


  1. ...it is indeed charming (in the literal sense) sweet peas indeed:) It is always a miracle. the shots are great, esp. against this gray. very nice blog, btw. I so miss having a garden & alas, no balcony. (I have fresh herbs & so on, just not grown-by-me...)


  2. What beautiful green vegetables! Sweet peas are so pretty!! If I have more space on my balcony or a garden, I would love to grow some more vegetables....