Jul 10, 2009


A 16 =  a restaurant that shares a name with the italian highway that runs from naples to puglia, located in san francisco's marina neighborhood.

finally made it. just like going to italy, really simple, unbelievably incredible fare. only with a fast moving, super professional, tatooed, urban, charming san francisco wait staff. really electric atmosphere, magnificent food, menu, near perfect experience. have just ordered the cookbook which is also supposed to be excellent. i can't wait for it to arrive. if i could learn to make their tomato sauce, i would really have accomplished something significant, it's sublime.

fun mysterious coincidence: we dined at 3 different restaurants in 3 different towns 3 nights in a row and we saw the same urban chic traveling couple, sometimes with their adorable baby, sometimes without, dining at each venue. we never spoke to them, but by the third night we all stared at each other jaws agape. a16 on saturday, murray circle in sausalito on sunday and ad hoc in yountville on monday. the food was so magical all the way through, this only added to the enchantment. and in any case, they have excellent taste in restaurants. happy weekend, xo g

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