Jun 5, 2009

recent work

i wanted to share with you some snapshots of my recent paintings. all oil, all 2009. some linen, some canvas. some large, some small. thinking about an online art gallery lately. do let me know what you think. more to come. and a have really great weekend. summer is almost here. xo, g


  1. very beautiful your art, very lovely and interesting your blog.

  2. I just randomly ran across your blog here, and love your paintings. Actually, they kind of remind me of some my own work. While I like the soft-focus quality of the first two, the hard vertical lines that emerge in the second two serve as a great visual counterpoint to that softness and give each of those pieces a real cohesiveness. For me, they produce simultaneous, if conflicting, feelings of both tranquility and unease. Great work.