Jun 3, 2009

i love my algue

i bought my algue this winter. i love it so. what is algue? plastic french algae. plural algues

brilliant. and they make me very happy. you know, sometimes you don't want to be boxed in with a framed object on the wall, you want to float more freely. 

not an impulse purchaser, i thought about it for 2 and a half years before i bought it. i wasn't sure if i really wanted plastic algae on my walls (i had some leftover after hanging it in my sort of dark desk nook, so i hung a small garland over our bed), but as it turns out i really do want plastic algae on my (only too white) walls, enthusiastically, indubitably.

check it out here. comes in loads of colors and transparent. you can make a room divider or cover a whole wall with it. you can buy it here. designed by the brilliant Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in  2004.  

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