Apr 14, 2009

room service brown's hotel london

i love room service. room service for breakfast. room service for breakfast with a really good cup of tea. not that awful american sort of room service tea that is served in the same pots as coffee and so tastes strongly of old coffee water sort of tea. but proper tea, you know, perfect, delicious tea. we had breakfast in our room often this last trip. and we were well taken care of at brown's. a good bowl of scottish milk porridge, a fruit plate, a bit of pastry (pear/pistachio in this case), some icy cold hildon spring water, fresh squeezed orange juice. and good english tea. eggs once or twice. beautiful linen pillows. simply brilliant.


  1. Nothing better than great room service... and that pastry looks delicious!

  2. Soft sheets, room service breakfast served in 'argenterie' this is my idea of glamour sexy. And in London... sigh...

  3. color me jealous! wish I was there...