Apr 1, 2009

puff lovers

r, my lovely husband, brought home a surprise birthday week treat from the city last night. fresh beard papa fresh'n natural cream puffs. they are so delicious! those of you in new york city or a few lucky places around the globe, may know beard papas. founded in osaka, japan in 1999. their mission is simple "to pursue uncompromising quality in serving the world's best cream puffs." they are expanding all over the world. and the custard is so light and fluffy. they may be coming soon to a town near you.

at cafe zaiya in midtown, where r picked these up, they fill the vanilla to order right in front of you. freshness! custard! i can't really even describe how delicious they are. but here in, i am starting a new feature, item of the week. to highlight good food stuffs mostly. you know, the staples and treats that get us through the week. with quality and perhaps a bit of verve. this week it is beard papa's vanilla cream puffs. naturally made with things like milk, cream, eggs, etc. no artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, etc. 

we are all puff lovers in my household, and have a well documented love of homemade profiteroles as well. more on this in future posts.

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  1. These are perfection.
    Although I'm sad to say I'm no longer an official NYC resident, I still go there at least monthly. I'll have to pick some up. Or maybe send my hubby... who's in midtown every day. Isn't that what husbands are for?