Mar 30, 2009

fried oyster quest

today is my birthday. after wrestling with the garbage and recycling and driving the kids to school. i took a short nap. i was so tired. i've had a nasty cold the past week. i love an unexpected nap. now i am feeling happy and refreshed. anyway. so last night we went to our favorite local seafood shack for some new england clam chowder (for the kids) and some fried oysters (for me) and even some nice fried calamari (for r). yum. i love few things as much as i love oysters. the ones at this place are great. light, tender, juicy. they are made with a batter and crushed oyster crackers i think. i really love the oyster sandwiches that patricia unterman produces at her restaurant hayes street grill in san francisco and at the ferry terminal farmer's market there on saturdays. really special. will definitely indulge there this summer on our trip out. meanwhile i am still searching for the world's greatest fried oyster recipe. i am thinking cornmeal needs to be included. but i am open. if anyone out there knows how to make or where to eat the world's greatest fried oysters. do let me know. i am on a quest.


  1. My Dad made the best fried oyster. I think he used flour and cornmeal. He died in February. Makes me sad..

  2. Happy Birthday, I am enjoying your blog, just thought I would tell you on your birthday. I am inspired by your salad primer from a few days ago. Thank you.

  3. Fried oysters? my very favorite thing in the world. Or just about.


    And happy birthday to you. Your blog is delicious.

  4. thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, it has been a really great week.