Mar 9, 2009

sweet maine shrimp

what a great weekend. perfect mix of friends, food, art exhibits, strolls through central park, and bike rides. we found a great deal on seasonal sweet maine shrimp, just in season now. less than $4/pound at whole foods market. so sweet. so easy. they cook in 30 seconds! any meal involving newspaper on the table and an entree that cooks in 30 seconds is special to me.

we made a bit of nuoc chum dipping sauce, but it wasn't even necessary. the shrimp are so delicious they need nothing at all. a bit of salt in the cooking liquid and some lemon or lime at the table would do just fine, better than fine even. served some cucumber carrot salad dressed with a bit of nuoc chum as well. and some fresh, still warm french bread. a couple tiny maison du chocolat chocolates for dessert. 

sweet maine shrimp
boil water in medium sized pot
place shrimp in rapidly boiling water
allow to come back to a boil
cook for 30 seconds more
drain, serve, enjoy.

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