Mar 10, 2009

pears and passion fruits

i am still craving lighter foods. i have been keeping a bowl of pears and passion fruits ripening on the counter lately. both require some sitting before they are ready to eat. these bartlett pears have been really delicious and extra juicy. tangelos and blood oranges and grapefruits have been good too. smoothies are in at our house these days as well: banana-guavajuice-pomegranatejuice-frozenpeach-frozenraspberry-plainyogurt smoothies that is. we've discovered smoothies are still frozen at lunch if brought to school in a thermos. more fun than chicken nuggets and french toast sticks from the cafeteria.

1 comment:

  1. I'm such a smoothie fanatic. I love the idea of taking smoothies to school in a thermos. Works for the office too.