Mar 5, 2009

inspiration anywhere you can find it

it hasn't been a great week. not the worst certainly. but i am feeling happy and optimistic today anyway. what turned my week around? first a lovely corn muffin. i am not much of a muffin eater. really they are like cake. and i don't like dessert for breakfast. i like to start my day with some seriousness, why, i cannot say but i do. but today was different. after taking r for his mri (wrist business), we enjoyed a brilliant sun-lit moment at the most charming little food (and catering and interior design and housewares) shop in town. their corn muffins are legendary, they taste far better than a corn muffin has a right to. something simple and unassuming created with this level of perfection is, curious first, and then, inspirational. 

then it began. optimisim crept in where silent resignation had been. i came home and admired our green family room chairs with fresh eyes. i don't think i even looked at them all winter. i bought these last summer when it was so leafy and green outside that it seemed the whole universe had transformed into a vibrant garden. remembering winter at the time, i strategized to bring color indoors, for those times of year when that dull gray is rampant. seems to be working. cheerful. happy. content (for a few minutes anyway). the little things. 

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