Mar 4, 2009

back to the studio

2009 has not been as fruitful for studio time as i would prefer. so many ideas. so many projects. so much i want to do. but there have been a few technical difficulties. empty easels. blank sketchbooks.

(you know how it is. someone in the family gets the flu, i somehow volunteer to run a program for the school, which results in meetings. emails. twitter. the furnace goes out. snow days and blizzards. kids on break from school. someone else gets the flu. grocery runs. loading and unloading the dishwasher. bills to pay. inaugurations. banking turmoil. world events. folding the laundry. there are always plenty of distractions aren't there?)

i've been waylaid every which way. but not anymore...

1 comment:

  1. Go for it! I seriously understand how all of those mundane little things prevent everything else from happening. I too am in a position where I need to figure out how to carve out some 'real' time for myself. It's essential.
    wishing you luck!