Nov 14, 2008

cutest baby vegetables

okay, i admit it. i am easily won over by adorable baby vegetables. but i am too frugal to buy them in MOST cases. but these were so perfect. so fresh. so colorful. i couldn't resist them. you may think, what fancy people they are eating those exotic baby vegetables. but no. we ate these with a simple and rather uninspired dinner, frozen chicken tenders and japanese short grain rice and roasted seaweed. now, the chicken tenders were all natural and even air-chilled, which i hear is a very good thing in a chicken tender. but the dinner arrived to the table in only 20 minutes and fit the bill for a busy thursday night. it was memorable. look they even look cute bobbing around in the boiling salty water.

1 comment:

  1. Those Romanesco? broccolis look like little aliens. They are so symmetrical they almost make me believe in a higher being.