Apr 9, 2012

passion flowers, sweden summer 2011

i just want to think about summer. i've got that summer feeling. breezes, open air, beaches, flowers, picnics, farmer's markets, travel, a break from the school and work routine. haven't even begun to plan my summer escape, have you? time to get right on that. any ideas? i'm wide open. scandinavia again? back to japan? fun and familiarity of martha's vineyard? maine? canada? scotland? west coast usa? any ideas?


  1. I'm working on a Maine vacation--any suggestions there? Martha's Vineyard would be wonderful too, but then so would Japan or any of the others you mention!

    1. i remember a great taco place on the way into maine, in kittery. it was fantastic. i stayed at hidden pond e a few years back for a couple of nights and had a nice time. it is fun to head up north though, islands, off the beaten track. have a great time.

  2. woah, what flower is this?? it looks so gorgeous.. love it!!

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