Jul 27, 2011

a visit to Östermalms Saluhall

this was a dream come true for me. always wanted to go here, to this gorgeous food market in central stockholm. the main story is the fish, sweden is very well known for their abundant, fresh, amazing fish. also for their smoked fish, gravlax (cured salmon), and delicious fish eggs or caviar. because stockholm is an archipelago, with access to waterways, you might see chefs and other swedes fishing around town as you make your way to the different islets of the city.

another important feature of swedish cuisine is potatoes. potatoes are a big deal in sweden, eaten with nearly every meal. even that delicious caviar spread is made with potatoes. in the summer it is a special treat to have freshly dug up small new potatoes. it is common for swedish families to grow some of their own potatoes, in their own yard, or in a pot, or in a community garden plot. a meal just isn't a meal without potatoes for swedes.

oh yes, and fresh produce. the short growing season up north makes for spectacular fresh vegetables and fruits in the summer, particularly the berries: lingonberries and cloud berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. and the wonderful jams and preserves they make with all those berries. wonderful imported delights are here as well, french artisanal chocolates, giant turkish dried figs, such a special, completely magical place.

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