Nov 2, 2010

taking care of things

we sure eat a lot of salad, see here, here, here, and here.

so, we have a few salad bowls. these maple bowls are my favorite ones of the bunch. i finally got around to oiling them the other day and boy were they happy about it! the bowls, sad from neglect, were looking kind of grey and dull and dry. i am happy to report they now they look fresh and new again. i'd seasoned them (oiled them with mineral oil or olive oil) quite a lot at first, and then forgot all about it. best to do this every month or two, rather than every year or two. lots to do when the seasons change. otherwise, we are going around getting the house, and us, ready for that cold, dark time ahead which i am not ready to name just yet. sweaters and coats and all manner of hats and scarves and mittens pulled from storage. putting away beachy things. turning off hose bibs and sprinkler systems. stocking up on firewood. sewing a few draft-chasing door snakes. making lip balm and body butter to keep our skin fresh and moist. otherwise taking care of things.


  1. Prendre soin des saladiers c'est bien, prendre soin des gens c'est bien aussi... j'ai envie de réaliser toutes tes salades, elles semblent tellement délicieuses! avocat pamplemousse hmmmm, j'adore!

  2. haven't been here for awhile - wow you all sound busy! i'm so grateful that we are in the 90's here in l.a. today. know it won't last and shouldn't! your pickles were gorgeous.

  3. merci le bord dore des nuages. avocat et pamplemousse sont-ils délicieux ensemble, ne sont-ils pas?

    mlle paradis, thanks! i start dreaming of california pretty fiercely around this time of year.