Sep 24, 2010

cool blue breakfast

hello autumn. so far you are really hot and humid. steamy even. thickly overcast.

for a gentle start to the day, this could only mean something cool and blue and refreshing for breakfast. one needs sustenance and comfort on a day like today. so a bit of yogurt with a few ripe juicy figs, the last of the mount hood cherries, a few northern blueberries and a couple of freshly toasted pistachios for crunch and color. several cups of iced japanese green tea. it's been a long week and change is definitely in the air. have a great weekend everyone, you all certainly deserve it! xo, g


  1. Hi :-)
    You have a cool blog :-)
    It is indeed yet too hot for this time of the year.
    Loved your breakfast idea .
    Started to follow you on blogcatalog.
    Great Blog!

  2. Hi Chen, what a lovely comment, thank you so much! : )