Jul 27, 2010

nectarines in season

amazing and fresh from the farmer's market: local, connecticut-grown nectarines, so red they are almost purple. and a new study indicates summer stone fruits may protect against certain types of cancer. one more reason to load up on precious, sweet, juicy nectarines. they make great fruit salad, they have such a nice texture and sweet/tart balance of flavor that they need almost no flavor enhancement at all (sugar, lemon juice, lime juice,). great as a topping on yogurt for breakfast or baked into all sorts of simple fruit desserts and pastries. summer tastes so good i can't even stand it. and what's more, one hardly needs to cook, the ingredients are so good right out of the reusable grocery bag. love all this gorgeous summer simplicity.


  1. Yum yum. We love nectarines. Hanging out for summer to come round again down here in Sydney. Your photos look edible.

  2. Hi Carmel, thanks. It won't be too long before you are munching on yummy fresh nectarines again. I am going to want to see some photos of australian nectarines this january when it is freezing here!