Jul 7, 2010

dispatch from the land of lobster rolls

we have escaped the epic searing heat wave in nyc and headed due north to the merely spectacularly hot southern coast of maine. (it was still 100 degrees in portland, maine yesterday, just in case you think we got off easy). the heat is somehow more bearable, because you know you can have a lobster roll for lunch. 

maine is a place where the lobster rolls are quite succulent and seriously generous. maine also produces perhaps the world's greatest lemonade, as it is pretty much always made to order, pressed right in front of you, three lemon halves and 3 heaping spoons of sugar in each icy glass. i can assure you the perfect lemon:sugar ratio has been achieved once and for all. and in maine, the whoopie pie is taken to a higher level: a tender yet substantial chocolate cake hybrid filled with a delicate cream. not at all too sweet, more like sophisticated and sublime.

marvelous maine. xo, g

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