Jul 13, 2010

bowl of summer goodness

breakfast is so easy in the summer. ripe, sweet, organic peaches, pluots, cherries, blueberries, pistachios, greek yogurt. no matter how hot it is outside, beautiful satisfying food is all around. it is still possible to eat well, even though you might just want to collapse about it instead.

during the last few weeks i've been thinking a lot about gazpacho and other cooling foods. food that don't heat up the kitchen any hotter than it already is. and so i've been looking around the blogosphere for inspiration and the brilliant luisa, over at one of my favorite food blogs the wednesday chef, did a great post this week, heat wave, about not cooking when it is oppressively hot outside and you can't even think about it. she writes from berlin and invited her readers to share their experiences with this seasonal phenomenon, and there are about a million great ideas for summer recipes in the comments. so don't give up. (i say this to myself as much as to anyone). keep cooking! you can do it!

also, rain today (finally) and possibly the end to water restrictions on our parched landscape. hooray for that. summer living, not all that easy as it turns out.


  1. oh it all looks lovely! spent a summer week or so as a kid in maine - digging clams out of the beach, eating lobster and giant bowls of blueberries....what's not to like?!

    have a great time! (or do i really mean....it's looks like you're having...)

  2. bonjour mademoiselle paradis, maine was marvelous!