May 3, 2010

unselfconscious scribbling

so gorgeous this weekend, i actually found the excuse, er time, to sit outside and sketch a bit. been sketching more and more lately. which is kind of like blogging somehow, except that your work hides inside your sketchbook instead of being broadcast into the vast internet universe (until now). a way to record a few moments in time, and work out some ideas on paper. lighthearted. simple. the joy of unselfconscious scribbling. visual art that is not at all serious.

today it is so hot and humid here, i feel a bit like a pork dumpling steaming in a pot. in response, i've composed some refreshing, cooling salads to share. more on this soon. xo, g


  1. i used to do alot more of this! one forgets how relaxing and gratifying it is! nice series!

  2. thanks mlle paradis, there is something both soothing and rewarding about setting a pencil to paper isn't there?