May 28, 2010

ping pong anyone?

a certain 11 year-old, soon to be 12, had only one item on his birthday list this year. a ping pong table. i never even knew that ping pong tables came in a version called indoor/outdoor (despite playing on one for years during my childhood at the local swim and tennis club, weren't they usually made of plywood back then?) but they do, with high quality metal or composite surfaces, and they are awesome. this one is made by kettler and has wheels and folds up and makes its own backboard for single play, etc. we ordered it from a sports shop in the next town over.

so anyway, this was just delivered an hour ago. and our birthday boy doesn't know about it yet. he's having a party here at the house tomorrow, with, as he says, "his tightest buds." organic hamburgers, corn on the cob, and cold stone creamery ice cream cake are on the menu. we can drive to the beach down the road if the boys run out of things to do here. but i don't think they will. water balloon basketball, wiffle ball home run derby, and now ping pong. he's going to be so happy.

have yourself a great weekend, wherever you are. it's the official opening of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. enjoy! xo, g


  1. Hope the party went well, I miss those days when my kids were younger! Great blog . . . Allie

  2. thanks allie, the party went great. he said it was his best ever. they grow up so fast, don't they?

  3. oh yay! we love ping pong. We made our own table in Marrakech because ping pong tables are in short supply here, as you might imagine.

  4. maryam, we are also in love with ping pong. in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon. it is always a good time to play ping pong.

    you and your architect husband are so clever, i think you two could probably make anything! i hope to visit PP one day in the not-too-distant-future and see all your brilliant handiwork in person.

  5. Hi Clever Pup, yes, this is our place. More specifically it is the terrace, just off the living room. Paved with bluestone. Here in Connecticut, the local stone is bluestone, and so is very easy to come by and makes a lovely terrace, don't you think? We love it out there.